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The Self-Learning Control of Tool Temperature in Cutting Processes (ConTemp) project is an EU funded Project by the 7th EU Framework Program that started in 2009.

About ConTemp

The European manufacturing industry is currently facing the challenge of reducing production costs and times while increased product quality. In order to achieve this, the industry must develop new, innovative machining concepts beyond the current state-of-the-art. Current process monitoring systems concentrate on the monitoring of forces, vibrations and acoustic emission as input signals, but do not consider tool temperature. Tool temperature does however have a significant influence on workpiece quality and tool wear and therefore on manufacturing productivity. The ConTemp project will develop a self-learning temperature monitoring system combined with a self-cooling tool. The system will control and stabilise tool temperature in the cutting process, which leads to longer tool lifetimes and increased part accuracies. Significant cost reductions can therefore be achieved, as well as allowing the machining of difficult-to-cut materials without incurring the larger costs typically associated with this.