Self-Learning Control to Stabilise Tool Temperatures

  • Controlling and stabilising the tool temperature
  • Monitor and influence the temperature

Internal Micro Cooling Structure

  • Closed circuit internal micro cooling device

Avoidance of Cooling Lubrication

  • Reduced costs for the provision and disposal of the cooling lubricant
  • Minimised environmental damage
  • Decreased production costs
  • Avoid thermal shock damage

Increased Efficiency and Expanded Range of Materials

  • Integration into existing machine tools

Expected results of the project

Development of a self-learning platform

  • Analysis and estimation of process conditions
  • Self-optimisation of different manufacturing tasks


Development of a new tool system

  • Micro structured high performance cooling device
  • Easy to integrate into existing manufacturing systems


Aiming at

  • Higher stability of the cutting process
  • Longer tool life by minimised thermal shock
  • Higher quality of the produced parts, reduction of sub-surface damage
  • Less ecological impact by avoiding cooling lubricant
  • Economical machining of new workpiece materials